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Add some swag to how you save

Base makes it fun to manage your money by connecting things like your tweets, the weather outside or your workouts to savings and transfers.

Get Started - It's Free


Automate, take control and be creative with your money 💸 💪

Mix, remix or create 🧙

Use your creativity to create new pairings between Base and hundreds of other services on If This Then That (IFTTT)— without writing a line of code.

How does it work🤔

  • 1. Create a Base account

    Sign up with us to create a Base account and we’ll create a Reliance Liquid Fund (R) folio to park your savings ( You can also use a savings account if your PAN is not KYC'd )

  • 2. Install and log into IFTTT on your phone

    Install and log into IFTTT (Create an account if you don't have one)

  • 3. Connect applets

    Click here to checkout our IFTTT applets and connect up the ones you like

  • 4. Start saving

    Every week we’ll add up your triggers and email you a transfer link to move your money to the mutual fund or your savings account

    And it’s free.

How does it work?

Made by humans for humans 💓

We are very careful about how we collect and process your personal data. We’ve tried to keep our privacy policy and terms as clear and straightforward as possible, and (sorta) in line with GDPR. Do give them a read.

In case you've been wondering 🧐


Base is for everyone. And we want our users to share with us the joy of making (and breaking) stuff just like we do. IFTTT makes this possible.

How do we make money?

To be honest we built Base mostly because we wanted a fun money management tool for ourselves. We are really keen on not screwing this up. While we figure out a way to make Base sustainable, we promise you that–whatever it’ll be–we’ll check with you first.

Mutual Fund Related Questions

Please refer to our Mutual Funds - FAQ page.

What is a VPA?

A VPA looks like abc@ybl or abc@okhdfc or phone-number@upi - Check your UPI app to find this.

Is there an expiry to the transfer links you email?

Yes, they expire in 2 Weeks. We scrub savings and transfer records after 2 Weeks.

Why does this page look like it was made by a 2 year old?

What do you have against two year olds - They have feelings too.

Deleting your account

Just send us an email from your registered email address to asking for your account to be deleted and we’ll do it.